SOS Cats in Hurricane Lane’s path, Hawaii, face months of needing help


Please leave your comments or pleas for help here. I will attempt to

mobilize some tweets on Twitter to get some help for community 

cat caretakers or not for profits.  

I am not greatly connected, I just got off the streets myself. But, last

year I did help a colony through hurricane IRMA in Florida. I watched

unable to help many of those cats move on to a better life because I

did not have a place to live myself. 

Now my cats and I are safe. Even as this hurricane gets downgraded to

a tropical storm, the mud slide and road damage warnings are posted on

weather websites. 

Comment away, this is your page. Please leave the direct page where info about your organization can be found or perhaps the group that you belong to online anywhere as a community cat caretaker. It will help prompt people to donate. Also, many people, if you are not a non profit prefer to send a box from Amazon, so have a wishlist somewhere. By now many of those who will be needy are without electricity, so others feel free to ask for Tweets. That is the only donation I can afford, we almost died on the streets in the US last month.

Praying for all those in the path of this hurricane, but mostly for the

pets and the cats of Hawaii who have no home.

Pamela Jean Curry

@unchat on twitter

pamelajeancurry on instagram 

4SALE, UN Library Stamped United Nations 1986, UN Human Rights, Scientific and Technology Development Meeting Addendem, citing the Study on Computerized Personal Records

Pamela Curry vs. The Ledger Publishing Company, The New York Times. 1989 Title VII , Retaliation using Computerized Records and electronic surveillance.

In 1989 I had experienced two years of intense hazing, electronic surveillance, telephone interceptions and others public retaliations before I filed a Lawsuit, pro se and informa pauperis in the Middle District Court of Florida.

In 1988, after I had filed the EEOC claim, I fled the country on an instinct I had as a tourism brat. The Poster for SwissAir that hung on my bedroom wall for decades took me to downtown Geneva. I stayed steps away from the church on the poster. That summer the UN Palais Library opened my imagination to the most serious violations of human rights using electronic records.

As a fact the New York Times was the parent company of the newspaper I sued. The NY Times had not only been quoted as an authority in some of the United Nations records I was researching on electronic surveillance but they reported on other areas of technology regulated by the United Nations, like Satellites at the I.T.U., International Telecommunications Union.

When rocket docket Judge Robert Mehridge came to the Florida Federal Court to clean it out fast. I took a stand against technology. He would not let me in the courtroom with a computer, that was 1990.

The following paper was an addendum to one of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Committee meetings. 

The Contents  are from the Human Rights and Scientific and Technological developments record of E/CN.4/1986/SR.21 26 Februart 1986. English Version. Chairman was Mr. Charry Samper of Columbia and Mr. Klenner of the German Democratic Republic. 

This report contained alarming futuristic predictions that now at the departure of the United States from the Human Rights Commission appear even more prophetic. 

I had asked the Federal Judge for Judicial Notice, in a paper filed on the court. of the documents of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, particularly the study on the use of comperitzed personal records. That study had become a resolution by the time of my expected trial by jury. 

President Bush vetoed the Civil Rights compromise, my trial was cancelled.

OPEN DIALOGUE about the issues of electronic computerized records and individual behavior control was the most I wanted from the Title VII. Transparency was not to available in the Federal Courts in 1990, nor would my appeal to the Supreme Court turn that around. 

This document is stamped on Page 1 and Page 17 with the STAMP of the PALAIS Library and initialed by I believe a man named RIVAS. 

Like most researchers I have  to beg for funding, but now my life depends on it so I am selling this document for $100 or the best offer to survive. 

Send all offers to

and Payment to

More information to come




References, My work speaks for itself. Documentary

I’ve lost my auto, home and health while publishing the truth about corruption and technology abuse in Florida. I’m fighting, with my six cat, for jobs and to publish with transparency.

The cats stay in the picture. As of April 2018 we need help to continue alive,

In 2016, after 5 years of fighting and investigation, I left my parent’s estate. I had lived and worked there most of my life. An Attorney – from the State Attorney’s office – purchased a beautiful home next street over. I was desperate to get out of the neighborhood.

The yard behind his flooded so much a previous owner regularly used a fire hose in rainy season to drain it. The home had been bought by a Home rental company being sued in other states for renting moldy homes. My mom’s bank mortgage holder was also an investor in that company.

I questioned that attorney once, he quoted the buyer beware warning. I say you have to have transparency and disclosure in business transactions to beware. That means fighting back in a foreclosure on toxic land.

I gave all future buyers transparency and full disclosure by filing in my court foreclosure documentary evidence and first hand stories, with links to restraining orders tied to the constant flooding on the street.

Estate of Patricia Curry in the Polk County Courthouse. I fought back to be free of that place. Legal records follow you everywhere, so do not buy into a system that is covering up for developers or county problems.

The research and documents I generated when fighting were enormous. It was a battle for my parents’, both licensed Florida and PA Realtors, reputation. Their home was put under the water plate by builders/developers and the management board in Imperial Lakes, Mulberry, Florida.

I documented fraud and corruption in housing on former phosphate mines.

In the gold Rush to make money building these developers, contractors and builders built homes that had cracks in foundations, pipes that leaked and for some toxic environments.
It was non stop work.

I had to overcome constant violence when speaking out about these issues: radon, seasonal termite damage yearly – even in treated homes, roaches, bad water pipes in all homes built by One builder, drainage ditches filled with weeds, street flooding, drywall damage from toxic water coming up from cracks in the foundations.

Although my parents were proud Realtors and business persons, that is not what I did.

I will get back to you on that